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Myth aboutthe protection layer.

 Nowadays there isa delusion that affects the choice of material by the property developer. Thisfallacy refers to the round log material. It is thought that the materialbecomes les qualitative after taking off the “protection layer” and it isbetter to use the hand-processed logs finished with a wood chopper. Above anydoubts, hand-processing is much more interesting and prestigious that machineprocessing. But the other aspects have to sense. If we take 2 logs and shaveoff 2-4 cmwith a wood chopper from one log and 2-4 cm from the other one with a machine chisel,why is it supposed that one of them has a “protection layer”?

 Let us figure out which layers of wood are the most firm. The protectionlayer of the tree is its cortex. Sapwood, the most delicate layer, is situatedunder the cortex. It is responsible for the delivery of sap to the leaves ofthe tree and is the most exposed layer to the biological and chemicalaffection. Sapwood represents the young layers of the wood that surround thecore (ripe wood). In this layer the dip turned into tar (that will turn intothe amber after several thousands of years). This part of wood is the mostsolid and accepts all mechanical loads on the body.