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We can offer youthree ways of round log constructions:

 1. Logconstruction made of a fresh material with natural humidity level. Thismaterial is relatively good in the sense of the combination of quality andprice, as well as gives an opportunity to use the material of the customer.

 2. Logconstruction made of a wood dried naturally under the shed in 1-3 years time.This material is ideal in the sense of the combination of quality and price.

 3. The construction made of stoved material. This material allowsto reach the maximum quality at a relatively small addition to the price. Thestove sterilizes and steams the log and this evidently decreases thepossibility of the development of fungus and mold. The look of the blockhouseremains attractive for a longer period of time. The even settling isguaranteed, leaving no skewness. The surface of the log is smooth. This featuredecreases the amount of painting materials to be used to decorate and protectthe log. In addition to that all, a high accuracy of dimensional characters isreached.